Sunday, January 8, 2012


tool kit
blunt probe and scissors

- Scissors
- Blunt Probe
- Tweezers (If necessary)

fetal pig with skin attached
fetal pig: skinned
Skinning the Pig:

- Use scissors to make an incision in the skin and cut medially from the jaw to the umbilical cord.
*Be sure to cut through the skin only and not the underlying muscle.

- Cut around the umbilical cord and proceed down to the point slightly above the external gentalia.

- As you cut, lift the skin and use a blunt probe to separate the skin from the underlying muscles by cutting through the connective tissue that is attaching the two together.

- Continue this process up to the dorsal side of the pig.

- Cut along the medial surface of the forelimbs and hind limbs and extend to the wrists and ankles.

-Use the probe once again to separate the skin from the muscle in that area.

- Turn the pig over and complete the skinning of the limbs and half of the dorsal surface leaving the other side of the pig in case of any mistakes.

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