Sunday, January 8, 2012

Muscles of the Neck and Throat

The muscles of the neck and throat include the Sternohyoideus, Sternothyroideus, and the Sternomastoideus.

Sternohyoideus Close up

The Sternohyoideus is the most ventral. To isolate this muscle:
-Remove any connective tissue to reveal the underlying muscle.

-Locate the edges of the Sternohyoid and use blunt probe to gently separate from the muscles located under it.

-There is one band of the Sternohyoid muscle on either side of the Sternothyroideus.


The Sternothyroideus is located under the Sternohyoid. To isolate this muscle:

-Cut and reflect the sternohyoid and use blunt probe to separate the muscle from the connective tissue surrounding it.

-Find the flaps of the Sternothyroid and use blunt probe to gently separate from the connective tissue a little.  


The Sternomastoideus is the large “U” shaped muscle located in the ventral and lateral surfaces of the neck. To isolate this muscle:

-Use blunt probe to move any remaining connective tissue.

-Insert blunt probe into the neck, in between the Sternohyoideus and Sternothyroideus and the side of the head.

-Look for the “U” shaped muscle.


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